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Products Sun, 18 Feb 2018


CSR Fricker offer a diverse range of suspended ceiling solutions tailored to suit each type of development, whether it be commercial buildings, education or healthcare facilities, retail or industrial developments. Our suspension systems are available in both standard and custom size modules to suit the individual project.
Our extensive range of ceiling tiles ensure we can provide the right ceiling solution for the project at hand. We carry mineral fibre, metal pan and glass wool ceiling tile options in both standard and custom sizes.
Dependant on your individual project performance requirements and visual preferences, we can assist with a wide range of edge details and finishes to suit.
An extensive selection of linear and swirl diffusers, both stock items and custom designs are available to suit your ceiling requirements.
To add the finishing touch to your integrated ceiling system we can design and supply the perimeter details. A truely integrated ceiling to perimeter can eliminate the need for plasterboard to the perimeter, which can result in major cost savings to your development budget.
We have various standard options available from stock but a custom solution can have your ceiling stand out from the rest. Dependant on your service requirements diffusers can be incorporated into the perimeter detail if required.
CSR Fricker can assist with design and supply of energy efficient lighting that integrates seamlessly with our suspended ceiling systems. Our general office area lights are available with T5 or T8 flourescent lamps.They are supplied standard with electronic ballasts. Dimmable versions are available to utilise either analogue, DSI or Dali electronic ballasts and can be wired for emergency lighting. 

CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems have the facilities to roll Angle Trim, T Trim and Shadowline Angle Trim for use around circular columns, bulkheads and curved walls.
Due to the effect that the rolling process has on the powder coating finish we recommend diameters to be no less than 300mm.
Acoustic Wall Panels can compliment or substitute acoustic ceilings to improve sound absorption in a room. The traditional way to add sound absorption to a room is to install a suspended acoustic ceiling.
However there are many situations where a traditional suspended ceiling can't be used, or where only parts of the ceiling can be treated with sound absorbing material. In such environments vertical absorbers can provide an alternative solution to attaining acoustic performance requirements.

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